Property #: 3206

This property is not currently available. If it is a new property, it is in the process of being categorized and will be made available soon. If it is a previously available property, it may be unavailable due to construction, filming limits, tenants, etc.

Bedroom: Newer, Older, Carpet, Light and Airy, Colorful, Kid's Room, Teen's Room
Den/Office/Library: Light and Airy, Book Shelves, Desk
Dining Room: Contemporary, Open (room-to-room), Sliding Glass Doors
Driveway: Long, Curved
Kitchen: Modern/Contemporary, Breakfast Nook, Tile Floors, White, Light/White Cabinets
Living Room: Modern/Contemporary, 50's, 60's, 70's, Bright/Sunny/Airy, Carpets, Sliding Glass Doors, Open (room-to-room), Wood Paneling, Fireplace
Bathroom: Older, Tile Floor
Entry: Tile Floor, Open Room to Room, Traditional
Pool: Has Large Patio, Rectangular, Traditional, Has View
Garage: Three Cars, Finished Walls, Attached
Interior Features: Closet/Walk-in closet, Music Room, Skylight, Window Seat, Workshop, Laundry Room
Exterior Features: Hills
Picture Size: