Property #:11963
Area:San Fernando Valley (West)
Contemporary, Mediterranean, Spanish
Yard has children's play equipment.
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Bedroom: Newer, Wood Floors, Carpet, French Doors, Light and Airy, Colorful, Baby's Room, Kid's Room, Teen's Room
Den/Office/Library: Carpets, Light and Airy, Desk, French Doors, Stairs Visible, Fireplace
Dining Room: Contemporary, Open (room-to-room), French Doors
Driveway: Half-Circle, Long, Straight, Center, Fountain
Kitchen: Modern/Contemporary, Wealthy, Bright/Sunny/Airy, Open (to another room), Island, Breakfast Nook, French Doors, Tile Floors, White, Light/White Cabinets
Living Room: Modern/Contemporary, Bright/Sunny/Airy, Tile Floors, French Doors, Open (room-to-room), Stairs Visible, Fireplace
Bathroom: Newer, Tile Floor
Entry: With Stairs, Tile Floor, Open Room to Room, Straight Stairs, Modern, Large, 2 Story
Garage: Two Cars, Finished Walls, Attached, 2 Story, Has Windows
Interior Features: Closet/Walk-in closet, Gym/Exercise, Music Room
Exterior Features: Balcony, Basketball Court, Carport, Fountain, Gazebo, Treehouse, Garden
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