Make Your Home a Star!

CAST Locations maintains an extensive library of film locations within 30 miles of Hollywood. We are listing new properties in this area on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, we do not list properties outside of this area. For information on listing your property for filming in other areas, contact your local film office. You can locate your local film office by doing a Google search for your city or state and the words "Film Office". Currently we are seeking commercial properties of all types, mansions and estates, as well as homes of all sizes and styles. There is no charge for listing your property - we make a percentage of the location fee when your property gets booked for a film shoot.

What You Will Need

There are three steps to submitting your property:

  • Verify Your Email - an email will be sent with a link to confirm your email address
  • Enter Contact and Property Information - basic information about the property and owner
  • Submit Your Photos - digital photos in jpeg format that show all areas of the property, either in an online album or you can upload them here

Important: Photos are necessary to evaluate your property. Please have them ready to submit before continuing.

If you are ready to submit your property now, click on our Online Submission Form

What To Expect From Us

After you have submitted your property, we will contact you to let you know if your property has been accepted. If so, we will send you a link to download and print a Listing Agreement. Once we have received your signed Listing Agreement, we will either photograph your property for our files or, in rare cases, request that you submit photos that we can use.

Once you are in our files, CAST Locations will promote your property to a wide range of film industry professionals. Your photos will be put on our searchable website, which allows industry experts to quickly find your property. If a client is interested in your property, CAST will contact you to schedule a viewing appointment, and hopefully soon after, to set up a film shoot! You can expect to make anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per day (or more) depending on the size and uniqueness of your property and the type of project it is working for.


If you have any further questions regarding listing your property, please contact us. We hope to hear from you soon!

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